COVID-19 Response

Help SF First Responders & Essential Workers

Please help us with your donation to get the San Francisco First Responders and Essential Workers the protective equipment, face shields, masks, hand sanitizers that they need.

I’m Ken Lomba President of Protecting San Francisco nonprofit and the San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association.  We are seeing people come together on a national level to help first responders. We have met some of them and they are doing a great job providing a huge help, but they are overwhelmed. We, San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs Association and Protecting San Francisco nonprofit want to step up helping at a local level in San Francisco.

Our doctors, nurses, first responders, essential workers will be needing new protective equipment consistently throughout this crisis.

We will use donations to supply frontline workers and essential workers with personal protective equipment. From first responders to essential workers will be our mission to help.

That means not only doctors, nurses, law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics but also essential workers, restaurant workers, social workers and more based on your donations during this crisis.

They are on the frontline fighting an invisible threat. They are out there face to face with the Coronavirus protecting San Franciscans. They are low on personal protective equipment.

it’s time to help! Please donate!

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